Welcome to the Royal Oak Medical Centre, we are a passionate team of caring doctors, nurses and staff striving to provide quality medical care to our community.


Our online booking will be available for our ENROLLED patients through our website. 

Royal Oak Medical Centre is committed to providing a safe environment for our patients at all times and everyone that comes to our clinic. Please be patient, be kind and be considerate as we carry out our safety measures within our space! We can only do this successfully with your full co-operation. Let us UNITE against Covid-19, we have already come a long way! Let’s keep it that way. If you have symptoms of Covid-19, please do not come to our clinic.

After hours phone (09) 625 9221. Call this number outside of opening hours to speak to an afterhours triage nurse for help and instructions. This medical centre is CLOSED during LUNCH break between 1-2pm.

LUNCH BREAK: 1300 – 1400hrs